Trivia:Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine

Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine>Carole, Queen angel of Fiber vine

  • This card has a DARK Counterpart, Kataria, Queen of Evil Vines
  • This card has a Chaotic Counterpart , Chaothic Queen of Torture Karolyn
  • This card has a Custom Shadoll Counterpart, Shaddoll Carole
  • This is the only Boss Monster of the Vine archetype that happens to be a Normal Monster.
    • It is the only Normal Monster of this archetype.
  • This is the only Vine Boss Monster that can be only Normal Summoned without effects.
  • This card's first Digital's artwork was a recolor of Nadia Lesfer
  • in the Manga, the defense mode for this monster depicts the monster being covered with her vines showing her head only.
  • This monster has wings attached to her legs, is a reference to the greek mythology Talaria, the winged sandals.
  • This monster mirrors Dark Magicianand  Elemental HERO Neos to be the Normal Signature Monsters.
  • The new OCG artwork of this card has visible nipples.
    • In Yu-Gi-Oh! Me, She appears with no Visible Nipples
    • She also doesn't weild her staff.
    • Her vine's look is different than the New Artworks.
  • This card has an Archfiend Retained Version: Carole,Archfiend Pixie Queen of Fiber Vine
    • It's also from The Fiber Vine Archetype.
  • It's funny that this monster despite its cute looking to have big breasts compared to Kataria, Queen of Evil Vines, the Demonic Version of this card, which has flat breasts.
  • The Palette used for this monster's Vines are from Super Mario Bros's SNES Palette.
    • The plants of these vines resemble Phiranah Plants those are depicted in the Video Game.
    • Also, they share a resemblance to Venus flytrap and Fire Piranha Plant from SMB3 Series and Above.
  • It's strange that the Vines are In this monster's Back, and specifically behind her butt, they are planted in her back, not butt.