Chaotic, is an archetype composed of Dark Psychic-Type monsters, in which they are based on

Chaotic Black Bird, Shocker, and Gurl against Watapon
Arabic فوضوي
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exterminating Light Fairy-type monsters and The Sanctuary in the Sky which lets Fairy-type monsters gain their effect, Chaotics also gain their effects from DNA Transplant and DNA Surgery.



The cahotics themselves are remakes of some iconic Yu Gi Oh!'s real monsters, with the exception of :Chaotic Coyote, Chaotic Fairy Eraser X2 Chromia, Chaotic Mistress and Chaotic Grimoire Magician. Chaotics are the only monsters those are shaped like real weapons, armors, explosive Bombs, Knives, swords, Chainsaws... they are also colorless, they either have Black, Grey, Dark Blue or Dark Green as their primary colours, Since they are corrupted version of their counterparts, they have the same ATK/DEF/Level/Rank, or possibly have the same effect, except it is destined to eliminate the Light Fairies Decks.

Chaotic Counterpart Original Source or sub-original
Chaotic Black Bird Skull Red Bird
Chaotic Torture Tool Dragon Crawling Dragon
Chaotic Grimoire Magician Margery Daw
Crimson-eyes Chaotic Dragon Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Chaotic Cyber Metal Serpent Cyber Dragon
Chaotic Coyote Wile E Coyote
Chaotic Slaughter Girl Dark Magician Girl
Chaotic Excution Dragon Judgment Dragon
Chaotic Gurl Girl of The Moon
Chaotic Demon Sangi Sangan
Chaotic Fairy Eraser X2 Chromia

Intillegent Smart Robot Animation Eraser Lady

Google Chrome

Nokia X2-02

Chaotic Fusion

Shaddoll Fusion

Gem-Knight Fusion

Tom and Jerry

Chaotic Shocker Jinzo
Chaotic Hero scissorhands Wing Man Elemental HERO Flame Wingman
Chaotic's Corrupted Zone Yami
Chaothic Queen of Torture Karolyn Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine
Blooded-Eyes Chaotic Dragon Red-Eyes B. Dragon
Chaotic Grimro Fabled Grimro
Chaotic Fairy Torturing Spiked Chair Star Seraph Sovereign
Number 39: Chaotic King of Destruction, Despair Number 39: Utopia
Chaotic Cursed Hippo Performapal Discover Hippo
Chaotic Queen Lyris Cyber Queen Lyris
Chaotic Bestra II Twin Hunter Bestra II
Chaotic Mistress

Crashbug X

Aria the Melodious Diva

Tori Meadows

BlackWing - Bora the Spear

Dance Princess of the Ice Barrier

Gem-Knight Lapis

Dunames Dark Witch

Kataria, Queen of Evil Vines


Chaotics were named "Dark Nymphs", it was stated in this post and this post

Summoning Method:

The Chaotic's Summoning method is Fusion, although, there are only 1 XYZ Monster and 1 Synchro Monster, just like psychic, the common cost of these monsters is Life Point payment, which makes them playable with regular psychic decks and gain more Life points with Magical Android or protected by Thought Ruler Archfiend from being targeted by card effects, some monsters gain second effects in the graveyard n order to destroy or banish their targets from play, Just like Ally of Justice, Chaotics have the power mass destroying any Light Monster, furthermore, they destroy Light Fairy-type Monsters.


  • Ironically the type of Chaotics opposes the fact that natural enemies of Angels are Demons, which it was supposed to be Fiend-Type monsters, the story behing the remakes of all the figures and monsters above is they have been possessed by darkness, another ironic fact: some original YGO monsters' attributes are Dark.
  • The weapons those planted into every Chaotic Monster bear a reference to Hostel and Saw movie series.


Monsters were stolen by Duelists of Anarchy upon Winning few Dimensional Duels, and few in-Universe, they have lost their colours and bright to fall into the Darkness and devote their lives to kill anyone who represents Light and hope.


Negating DNA Transplant and DNA Surgery, or the Chaotics themselves blocks the entire deck from playing, especially when Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror is active, Zombie World also ruins summoning these monsters as it restricts tribute summoning only for the tribute summon of Zombie-type monsters, or the total change of the entire race on the field or in the graveyard.

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