Red Yukirons
Red Yukiron, alongside with her twin Red Magical Yukirei
Additional Info

Red Yukiron (or 赤毛 redhead) is a small Archetype, which is based on a Girl with a red Hair, and blue-eyes (with the exception of Magica Yukirei), they often hold fire arms, or their Magical powers have the potential of causing a real damage to opponent's Monsters, or deadly destruction (gory all of the Times), these Monsters are either Machine, or Fairy-Type Monsters (with the exception of Revived Red Yukiron), their common attributes are: LIGHT, Dark, or Earth, Just like Elemental HERO Wildheart , they are immue to Trap Cards, their Main purpose is to eliminate Trap cards as well, they have their Support, known as Red Yukiron Support, which are based on Zexal Weapons from Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL series, however, they look more feminine, their Known ATK value is 2600



Yukiron is a 20 years old girl, with a red hair, blue eyes, and a pink lipstick, she often wears a green t-shirt, black skirt, Purple Gloves, and Purple boots, in other forms, she wears pink T-shirt, Blue built, Gloves, Skirt, and Collar, a Pair of Stocking with a mixture of Green and pink, and a Black High Heel Boots, in a final form, She wears a Pink Bikini, with transparent shirt and Skirt, Purple Gloves, Pink boots, and a Pair of Stocking with a mixture of Green and pink, in other forms, she keeps her normal outfit with minor physical changes (eg; Horn, Tail, claws...) while in Number C98: Archfiend Red Yukiron form, she just wears Green Bikini, in OCG, her Crotch can be seen.


  • The Name Yukiron is a pun of Jaden's last name, usually it's a reference to How Japanese names are wrtitten, it was originated from "Yukirin"
  • These Monsters are based on Mediterranean races, they are often Caucasians.

Playing Style:

Brunette Monsters can be special summoned in any battle position, but only from hand, Banished zone, or Extra Deck (For Revived Red Yukiron, Graveyard is included), They can never be set in face-down Defense position Almost all of Brunette Monsters are Summoned in face-up Attack position. Red Yukiron can benefit from Fairy-type Monsters' supports, such as Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen, and since 50% of these Monsters are DARK, they also benefit from Mystic Plasma Zone, while avoiding battle damages through The Sanctuary in the Sky, they also benefit from being banished from play, since they can be resureected from the Banished pile rather than the graveyard.



  • They can never change their battle position, which makes the player exposed to Battle damage, unless there's an active The Sanctuary in the Sky for a Fairy-type Monster.
  • Their DEF is often 1000, which can also deliver a great Pierce damage.

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