Legendary Flashdust Dragon of Magnificent Vine


65988850 English Legendary Flashdust Dragon of Magnificent Vine
Japanese 壮大なつるの伝説のフラッシュほこりドラゴン

Arabic Unknown

Spanish Unknown

Korean Unknown
German Unknown
French Unknown
Translated Unknown
Level 10 StarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStarStar

Type Synchro Monster
Race Wyrm
Attributes Light
Serial Number 65988850
Materials Unknown
ATK/DEF 3210/1400
Lore of the Card

Once per turn, you can return 2 "Vine" Monsters to your deck to add 1 "Magniificent Vine" Monster from your deck to your hand, when a a "Magnificent Vine" Monster is destroyed either by Battle or card effects, you can return that monster to your hand instead of sending it to the graveyard, if you control no cards in hand, "Magniificent Vine" Monsters cannot be Destroyed by Battle or Card effects card effects, if this card leaves the field, special summon as many as possible "Magnificent Vine" Monsters from your Graveyard.

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