Lord of Terror


Lord of Terror English Lord Of Terror
Japanese 恐怖の主

Arabic سيد الإرهاب

Spanish Unknown

Korean Unknown
German Unknown
French Unknown
Translated Unknown
Stage Stage16

Type Super Power
Race Fiend
Attributes File:Dark.png
Serial Number 10235991
Materials Unknown
ATK/DEF 5500/5500
Lore of the Card

This card cannot be destroyed or Targeted by Card effects, As long this card remains face-up, you cannot Summon, Set, or Special Summon any other Monster, Once Per Turn, During either player's turn, When a card effet is activatedRemove 8 Spc from this card: Negate the activation of that card and destroy it, when this card is destroyed, Special Summon "The Ultimate Dragon Angel of the Doomed" from your Graveyard.

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