Trivia: Number 97: Tartina, Queen of Magnificent Vine

  • This is one of the  Custom  Numbers
  • This Monster is Based on Fabled Grimro, merged with Dunames Dark Witch.
  • The girl herself is a Dark Counterpart of Fallen Savageast, Kantiya
  • This is the First Queen with Lowest ATK Value, at the opposite of the Usual Queens, Carole, Queen of Fiber Vine, and Carolia, The Flying Butterfly of Magnificent Vine.
  • Since the creation, this card wasn't a Number, when it became a Number, it was planned to place the Number in one of her legs or arms, but ironically , it was placed in the center of her chest, but coincidentally, it beared a resamblance to Number 83: Galaxy Queen since she also has a Number placed on her chest.
  • Tartina is a pun of Open sandwiches' name in French, which is usually called Tartine
  • The Anime card requires 2 Dark Monsters instead of "Vine" Monsters.
  • The Anime card also holds the same propreties of the Anime Numbers, also unlike the TCG/OCG cards, its effect is Quick and targets any card.
  • This is one of the "vine" Monsters those happen not to be nude or  bare feet.